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    Laser inline/offline measurement system is the non-contact measurement system based on visual inspection technology and laser measurement technology; the dimension of BIW may be measured accurately in combination of laser, image sensor, image processing algorithm and automatic control technology. The inline Measurement system is mainly applied to multiple work stations including floor assembly and vehicle body assembly in welding workshop so as to realize inline measurement of key dimensions during production of BIW, monitor body process dimension of body in the real time, and provide data support for the improvement of production process. The offline measurement system is mainly applied to the 4-doors and 2-cover subassembly inspection station in the welding workshop to complete offline high-frequency dimension measurement of subassembly parts instead of coordinate measuring machine (CMM), supplement with the inline measurement system mutually and acquire the measurement data about all components of BIW. The system has diversified functions such as data inquiry, analysis and statistics and flexible alarm function. It supports automatic CP report generation and automatic comparison of CMM. The powerful alarm function provides effective tools for process analysis and problem positioning to users.

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