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    Gap and flushness measurement system measures assembling dimensions including gap and flatness rapidly with laser technology and machine vision technology, and is applicable to the measurement of the gap between outer panels and between outer panel and white body and their flushness in automobile manufacturing and assembling process. This system is designed with diversified algorithms in order to adapt to different characteristic surfaces and ensure stable measurement and high precision. Besides, two measurement devices, i.e., robotic and handheld gap and flushness measurement instruments, are specially designed and developed for the assembly dimensions with complicated contours and uneasy to be measured on vehicle body according to different actual demands. These two products can not only acquire high-quality images and data to reflect actual gap and flushness objectively by replacing traditional measurement tool, but also can complete data acquisition, storage, transmission and management automatically, reducing manmade errors and improving the overall efficiency significantly Gap and flushness measurement system, once used to measure assembly adjustment lines of welding workshop or assembly workshop, can adapt to different conveying forms such as roller bed or plate link chain flexibly, without being restricted by body motion form.

  • 机器人式间隙面差传感器
  • 手持式间隙面差传感器
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